Spoiler Reborn 80.000 Years Manhua Chapter 109 Release Date and More

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Hello, fellow readers! We’ll talk about Reborn 80.000 years chapter 109. But, first, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter for this chapter is soon to be released. Let’s go!

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 108 Recap

Previously, we saw Jiang Shang and Prince Gong killed all of Jiang Shang entourage, including Guda and his brother, Gu Tong, to eliminate all who witness their cooperation. Surprisingly, because of their family medicine, Guda and Gu Tong still survived despite suffering great injuries. Guda told Gu Tong to seek Yang Chen and told him about the conspiracy between Jiang Shan and Prince Gong. But Gu Tong wanted to save his brother’s life first, so he took Guda to Dr. Li Qiaotai. When Dr. Li saw Guda’s condition, he told Gu Tong that Guda’s injuries were more than he can handle. Because he felt sorry for Gu Tong who looked very miserable, he told him that there might still be a chance to cure Gu Da. Dr. Li then took them to Yang Chen’s house. Seeing that the person who was said to be able to cure his brother was Yang Chen, Gu Tong was very surprised.

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Synopsis

Stardust, a generation of strong stars, died at the hands of the villain, then went wrong. He had finally woken up after 80,000 years of sleep. Everything has changed. The four adopted sons have now become the powerful people of the continent. The wild dog that he once rescued was the demon’s real master. The Willow tree has been a master tree and a humanoid tree for 20,000 years. Yang Chen feels that in this New World, Yalishan is going to be fine!

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 109 Prediction

What will happen next? What will Yang Chen do after he receives news about the conspiracy of Jiang Shan and Prince Gong from Gu Tong? Can Yang Chen heal Guda? Let’s find out in the next chapter!

Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua Chapter 109 Release Date

If you want to read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua chapter 109, it hasn’t been released. However, this manhua was released weekly and the newest chapter came out on July 24th. So you can read chapter 109 in the following week. Read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua chapter 108 on any manhua reading website. If you like to see more of this, you can read Reborn 80,000 Years Manhua on our website!

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