Spoiler Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 163 Release Date and More

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We will discuss the coming chapter of Dr. Stone chapter 163 right now guys. We are also going to provide you guys a recap of chapter 162 in case you forget about the previous story.

Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 162 Recap

Hyoga digs a kan-ryu-style tunnel. Because they need a drill to dig a rock, Kaseki creates a drill called the Spiral Sword. Then it was delivered to Chrome by Taiju. Carlos and Max are going to see Taiju on the way. Taiju asks them to join him, which shocks them. But then Carlos takes over the poor driving skills of Taiju. When Taiju arrives at the location of Chrome, it ties Carlos up. Chrome is worried that Carlos’ tunnel activity is going to leak to Xeno. Then Taiju uses the drill to break through the rock.

Dr. Stone Synopsis

The story centers around Taiju Ooki, a regular high school student who, after five years of silence, would like to admit his feelings to Yuzuhira Ogawa. But just before his confession, a mysterious green light suddenly appears and strikes the earth and somehow turns every single human being into a stone.

Thousands of years later, Taiju wakes up to find that the modern world has been completely exiled, leaving nature here and there to thrive with the stones of human statues. Then Taiju meets another living human being, Senkuu, and both would like to bring humanity back to science. Sadly, their plan does not seem to run properly as they meet another survivor, Tsukasa, who wants to build his own empire. Taiju and Senkuu will eventually have to work with each other to beat back Tsukasa’s plan and bring back humanity.

Dr. Stone Chapter 163 Prediction

Check out the drill! Science has, literally, made yet another breakthrough. Carlos is very surprised by this. We really don’t know though if he’d give the information to Xeno. We believe that, in the end, they will let Carlos go.

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You guys excited to read Dr. Stone Manga Chapter 162? Y It’s available for you to read now! Dr. Stone releases a new chapter every week. If you want to read Dr. Stone Manga Online’s next chapter, the latest chapter available online was out on August 23. So, the new chapter will be updated next week. Make sure to always check our website for the upcoming updates!

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