Spoiler Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 166 Release Date and More

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Good day everyone! In this occasion we will be talking about the prediction and release date of chapter 166 of Release That Witch Manhua. In case you haven’t read the previous chapter, please don’t worry because we will also provide chapter 165 recap in this article!


Recap of Release That Witch Chapter 165

It turns out that Roland ‘s plan was a great success. He had a report that the result of this year’s harvest was so great that they could feed the whole town. If they can keep up their performance, maybe it’s possible that someday the sleeping town become the biggest city on the mainland!

Later on Roland gave a speech in front of the people of the town. There, he urge the people of sleeping town to strive hard. If they work hard, all the people of the town can be freemen. If so, they will have full charge over their own destiny. All the people of the town were happy to hear his speech. 

However, Roland didn’t know that in the other place, his older brother Timothy Wimbledon was planning something sinister towards his little brother. He wanted Roland to kneel before him, sooner or later. 


Synopsis of Release That Witch Manhua

Manhua’s tale follows the principal character named Chen Yan. Initially Chen Yan was an engineer present-day China. He travels through time after he died however, and ends up being called Roland Wimbledon, an honorable prince in the medieval world. But the world he’s traveled to doesn’t look as straightforward as it is, because this world is full of magical beings and the struggle between the empire, the church and its territories. 

Roland Wimbledon exists as a helpless prince but has devoted his time to building a better, more successful, once poor and backward town. As for the power of the kingdom, Roland had to deal with sibling conflict over the throne. The tale goes on as Roland was forced to make witch friends but still uphold his own convictions and feelings.

Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 166 Prediction and Spoiler

At the rate of the town development right now, it is not far from the wish of Roland himself, where he wanted to make the people as free as possible. But would he really be able to do it? And what about Timothy? To where his ambition will lead him?


Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 166 Release Date

Release That Witch Manhua is released on a regular basis and the latest chapter, chapter 165, was released on July 21, 2020. We predict that the next chapter will be released soon. If you are interested, you can read Release That Witch Manhua on manhua hosting websites. Visit our website for more information about the updates!

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