Spoiler Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 238 Release Date and More

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Yo, everyone! Today, let’s talk about the upcoming Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 238! But, before that let’s have a recap on the previous chapter first!

Release That Witch Chapter 237 Recap

Ferlin’s family then came to the Border Town to meet with Agatha. Roland then welcomed them inside his castle. Then he summoned Agatha so Ferlin’s family can meet with her. But when she found out that they were the descendants of Kagar, she became angry. She accused Kagar as a traitor and a thief and refused to meet with Ferlin’s Family again. Ferlin’s father tried to explain that their ancestor didn’t betray Agatha. However, Agatha refused to listen to them and quickly left the castle. After Nightingale told Roland that both Agatha and Ferlin’s father was telling the truth, Roland offered Ferlin’s father to stay in the Border Town for a while. After that, while checking the magic crystal that Ferlin’s family brought, he tried to persuade Agatha. However, Agatha told him that she didn’t personally hate the families, but she didn’t want to acknowledge them because it will be a nuisance in Roland’s plan. After that, then they finally began to inspect the magic stone inside those boxes.

Release That Witch Synopsis

Manhua’s tale follows the principal character named Chen Yan. Initially Chen Yan was an engineer present-day China. He travels through time after he died however, and ends up being called Roland Wimbledon, an honorable prince in the medieval world. But the world he’s traveled to doesn’t look as straightforward as it is, because this world is full of magical beings and the struggle between the empire, the church and its territories.

Roland Wimbledon exists as a helpless prince but has devoted his time to building a better, more successful, once poor and backward town. As for the power of the kingdom, Roland had to deal with sibling conflict over the throne. The tale goes on as Roland was forced to make witch friends but still uphold his own convictions and feelings.

Release That Witch Chapter 238 Prediction

Why the Quest Society build a Holy City atop of a God’s Stone Retaliation Vein? Will Roland finally find a way to use the God’s Stone Retaliation Vein from before? Find out the answers in the next chapter of Release That Witch Manhua!

Release That Witch Chapter 238 Release Date


The new chapter of Release That Witch is out now! You can read Release That Witch Manhua Chapter 237 on your favorite manhua reading websites. However, if you want to read the next chapter. Then you must wait at least a week, because this manhua was updated weekly. If you don’t want to miss the latest chapter of this manhua, then please check our website to read Release That Witch Manhua!

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