Spoiler Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 1366 Release Date and More

Hello guys, let’s discuss Martial Peak Manhua. We are waiting for the chapter 1366, well, while we do so, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter!

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 1365 Recap

Yang Kai caught Yang Yan late at night sneaking out. Yang Yan was getting ready to show Yang Kai the spaceship she had created. She then invited Yang Kai on a short outing with her. Yang Kai’s ambition to become a Sect Master was later mentioned by Yang Yan. After then, Yang Yan was about to do an experiment. Yang Yan had requested that Yang Kai save her in the event of an emergency before doing so.

Martial Peak Manhua Synopsis

Yang Kai is the High Heaven Pavilion’s trial disciple, and owing to a birth condition, he is unable to advance on the stage of Martial Arts. When he discovers a Black Book, the Great Demon God’s treasure, his life is turned upside down. A Golden Skeleton is extracted from the book and implanted into Yang Kai’s body. To allow martial arts to be practiced, it repairs its meridians and eliminates its skeleton. He works hard and rises to become one of the brightest stars in the High Heaven Pavilion. He made the decision to learn how to become the strongest, which led him to the top of the martial arts world.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 1366 Spoiler

The experiment will go smoothly. Yang Kai is under no obligation to assist Yang Yan in any form. But, what exactly is the purpose of the experiment? Well, that will have to wait till the next episode.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 1366 Release Date


I know you feel hyped to the story. To get more understanding of the story, you may read Martial Peak Manhua chapter 1365 which was just out today. Besides, the next chapter isn’t out yet and maybe will be published next week. With that being said, read Martial Peak Manhua on any website to read comic out there. Well, don’t forget to visit this site like everyday!

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