7 Marijuana Card Benefits Everyone Should Know


The benefits of wv medical marijuana card are many. Go through the details below for a clear understanding:

1. Less Cost

There is a price difference when buying marijuana from recreational retail outlets. As marijuana became legalized for recreational purposes, the taxes were high on them. With a medical marijuana card, you can save money all year. Without the card, a purchase will lead you to pay more than a card. States have lowered or exempted taxes on cannabis if you purchase them with a wv medical marijuana card. No excise taxes depend on the condition of your purchase. Paying through your card is a sure money saver.

2. Purchase Large Quantity  

There are limits set on the purchase of recreational cannabis. But when you have the wv medical marijuana card, you get to purchase more. Usually, medical patients are allowed to buy 8 ounces a day and recreational users an ounce a day. With a card, you can buy more cannabis from a dispensary.

3. Grow More Marijuana

Also, limitations are lifted for growing cannabis at home. Some states allow medical patients to grow at home, while recreational cannabis users cannot do it. Cardholders can produce higher quantities of plants, depending on the marijuana laws in the state. In some places, one can grow up to six plants, while medical growers can grow more than six.

4. Youngsters Can Buy

Some states restrict the purchase of recreational cannabis. Only adults who are 21 or older are permitted to buy cannabis. Young people will not be illegal to consume cannabis with a card. Some younger patients need marijuana for their conditions, epilepsy, and cancer. With a wv medical marijuana card, even children under the age of 18 can have access to medical marijuana with the assistance of a caregiver.

5. Gain Access to An Exclusive Cannabis Shop

Cannabis comes in types. Their usage, potency, and benefit differ. People possessing a medical marijuana card can take assistance from medical doctors who would guide them correctly on which marijuana to use. A wv medical marijuana card holder allows one to shop at only medical dispensaries where one can browse a wide variety of products and strains and get professional support.

6. Buy Stronger Material

The retail shops are selling cannabis work on specific limits. Medical marijuana patients have access to cannabis whose potency levels are higher than those sold for recreational purposes. A wv medical marijuana card allows you to buy more potent marijuana that can help alleviate the medical condition.

7. Legally Protected

Medical marijuana laws can protect people who hold marijuana cards. They are exempted from prosecution under criminal laws that otherwise are prohibited if possessing or cultivating marijuana. The card has a physician’s stamp that supports the purchase of cannabis.


It’s great to see people buying a wv medical marijuana card. They are taking the right step to work in the system—this way, marijuana can be used for medical and recreational purposes without any worries. The benefit of a marijuana purchase with a medical card is more, as stated above. Enjoy! Get yours asap to have a great time.

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