Spoiler Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 803 Release Date and More

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Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 803 is going to be released soon, and we’re going to talk about it now you guys! We’re going to reveal to you the release date of the upcoming chapter. We also have a recap of the previous chapter in case you need it.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 802 Recap

Li Rong and Han Fei were brought in to face Xue Li by Yang Kai. When he eventually met Xue Li, what shocked Yang Kai was that he also saw that there was another demon at her side. It turned out that the demon was  Meng Ge, a demon general who had his soul clone destroyed by Yang Kai a few years ago. When he found out Yang Kai’s identity, Meng Ge started attacking him. However, Han Fei went and fought with him to protect Yang Kai. When Xue Li wanted to help Meng Ge, Li Rong then started to attack her. So, Xue Li cannot help Meng Ge. In the end, both of them decided to escape. When Han Fei and Li Rong wanted to chase them, Yang Kai stopped both of them. He deduced that another portal had open and that portal is connected to the demon’s realm.

Martial Peak Manhua Synopsis

Beyond heaven is yet another heaven, beyond martial expert there is yet another martial expert. Martial arts are eternal, there is no apex in martial arts. Yang Kai is a trial student at the High Heaven Pavilion and is unable to make progress on the Martial Arts road due to a birth defect. His life changed when he discovered the Black Book, the secret of God the Great Demon. The Golden Skeleton comes from the book and is built into the body of Yang Kai. It repairs its meridians and replaces its own skeleton in order to allow it to practice martial arts. He works hard and blossoms like one of the brightest stars in the Pavilion of the High Heavens.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 803 Prediction

What kind of trouble will Yang Kai face next after he finished brought the people from the Nine Continent to the Tong Xuan Realm? And what sort of action would the demon race take to get their revenge from Yang Kai? If you want to know, then don’t miss the next chapter of Martial Peak Manhua!

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 803 Release Date


Guys! Exciting news for you! Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 802 has been published right now! It is likely that Chapter 803 will be out in a few days from now. If you want to read Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 802, you can read it on any manhua reading websites. Check out more news about this manhua on our website if you want to read Martial Peak Manhua!

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