Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 324 Release Date and More

Today, we will discuss Metropolitan System Manhua. First, let’s take a look the recap of the previous chapter, chapter 323.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 323 Recap

At the onsen, Himura joined Jing Bai. There, they were talking about the Nakoto Party and how Himura was going to help Jing Bai. Turned out, Himura was admired by Nakoto Nakayama and promised a marriage. But Himura did something wrong with the son of Nakata, Hiroichi Suguchi. Later, Jing Bai also learned that Himura was a Meiren organization ninja. Her specialties were sex and seduction.

Metropolitan System Synopsis

After winning from a high-risk casino, Jing Bai wanted to run away with a lot of money. He was hit by a truck, however. Instead of dying and going to the afterlife, his soul was transferred to a parallel Earth-like world. Not unlucky enough, he then merged with his pitiful, alternative self. First, the insane God approached him and gave him a strong bug capability in this new world. While in the weakest form of himself, the major question of this manhua is whether he could survive in this new world, given that he had the potential to cheat in this world.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 324 Spoilers

Jing Bai was still thinking about helping Himura. But will he help her? Jing Bai has some vulnerabilities towards the ladies, so obviously Jing Bai is going to help Himura in the next chapter. 

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 324 Release Date


In order to not get confused, you must read Metropolitan System Manhua chapter 323 first before reading the next chapter. Alas, chapter 234 isn’t released yet but surely the chapter will be out soon. As this manhua is weekly released, the next chapter will be there next week. Let’s read Metropolitan System Manhua now. Good day everyone!

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