Spoiler Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 648 Release Date and More

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Hello guys, let’s discuss Martial Peak Manhua. We are waiting for the chapter 648, well, while we do so, let’s have a recap on the previous chapter!

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 647 Recap

Duan Hai called Yang Kai to the large hall to ask Yang Kai for assistance from the sect of faith. However, Yang Kai also declined, saying that the time had not yet come. Before that, Duan Hai also inquired about a coffin-carrying man in Yang Kai, where Yang Kai said he didn’t know. Not being happy with the answers, Duan Hai must violently take the Yang Kai memories. As a result, Xu carried out an extraction of memory to Yang Kai. However, Yang Kai has opposed the move.

Martial Peak Manhua Synopsis

Yang Kai is a trial pupil of the High Heaven Pavilion, and because of his birth defect he is unable to advance on the stage of Martial Arts. His life changes when he finds the Black Book, the secret of the Great Demon God. The Golden Skeleton is taken from the text and put into the body of Yang Kai. It restores its meridians and removes its skeleton to allow martial arts to be practiced. He works hard and thrives as one of the brightest stars of the High Heaven Pavilion. He wanted to learn how to become the best, which took him on the journey to the top of the martial world.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 648 Spoiler

Obviously, Xu is not going to be able to hold Yang Kai ‘s knowledge sea. Nevertheless, Xu has somehow misunderstood Yang Kai ‘s skills. Does Xu get his punishment? The next chapter will tell us how Yang Kai is going to defend himself against Xu. 

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 648 Release Date


How is it? the chapter was tense right? To learn the story more, you may read Martial Peak manhua chapter 647 now! FYI, Chapter 646 and 647 were just released today at once !!! but chapter 648 will only be out a week later. If you want to read other chapters, you can read Martial Peak manhua on your favorite comic website. Have a great reading, guys!

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