Spoiler Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 109 Release Date and More

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How’s it going you guys! Today, let’s talk about the upcoming chapter 109! We will talk about its release date and the possibility of what might happen next! We have a recap of chapter 108 in case any of you need it.

Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 108 Recap

Zhuo Fan was sucking the poison out of Song Qi. But her poisoned blood doesn’t differ from normal blood, which is suspicious. Qi Family Tianxuan is coming with a couple of people trying to trap Zhuo Fan. Apparently, the real poison had been planted on Qian’er ‘s shoulder. Zhuo Fan understands that Qi Ganglie is being used as a cannon forage to attract him. Suddenly, Zhuo Fan is coming out of the trap and appears behind Tianxuan. He’s chopping off Tianxuan ‘s head. He hunts down and kills the rest of his enemies. Song Qi begs for Xiao Yu ‘s life, but he still kills both of them.

Magic Emperor Manhua Synopsis

Since the ancestry of the ancient Magic Emperor, the Magic Emperor Zhuo Yifan had experienced the misfortune of being cheated and killed by his trusted disciple. His cultivation returned to zero after he had been resurrected, and he was abducted by a heart ghost who had no choice but to become the housekeeper of the lone eldest miss of the Luo family. Between becoming a magic emperor and an insignificant housekeeper, how would he deal with his “heart demon eldest miss” and what power he would be able to bring himself and the dwindling family back to the continent’s top!

Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 109 Prediction

Since he has been looking after his issues with the Qi Family, we assume that Zhuo Fan will continue his journey. We ‘re sure there will be some sort of reward for his arrest, but he’ll try to hide to avoid suspicion. Where do you think he’s going next?

Magic Emperor Manhua Chapter 109 Release Date

Excited read chapter 109? Don’t worry! The next chapter will most likely be released next week. If you wish to read Magic Emperor Manhua right away when it’s out, make sure to check our website for any news!

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