The Perk Of Teaching Character Building Focus In International School Jakarta Barat

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Education and school is not a mere place to study. Choosing the best institution is not an easy feat for every parent out there, especially finding one that supports the children’s personality traits. The good news is, Global Sevilla international school Jakarta Barat offers a character-building focus with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.

The Benefits Of Teaching Character Building

1. Revealing The Students Values

The student’s values here refer to personal preferences. Teachers and parents cannot see every child as one single mind. Every individual has their interests, skills, ideas, dream, and potential. This is where the character-building focus helps every student to find what they are capable of. The focus is not only on studying but also find what is work for them. 

2. Avoiding The Weakness And Improve Positive Traits

When the school implements character building through many study materials, approaches, tests, and curricula, it helps them to see the student’s traits. One thing that you need to understand is that every individual has positive and negative traits. The international school Jakarta Barat’s job is to support every student to learn about it and work around it.

How so? The idea is that every personal trait can either boost or stumble the students studying process. Do you see students that prefer visuals to read? Understanding that kind of trait can elevate the education effectivity. Teachers and the students, in particular, can focus on working around the trait to get the best education result. 

3. Finding Potentials

As students can learn about weaknesses and traits, it is also possible for them to discover potentials. Again, every person has different points that make them dissimilar. Working around character building will help them figure out the best potential or interest. After that, they can improve and focus on it to reach their dream.

4. Improve Personal Character

Another benefit that is quite a surprise is personal character improvement. When the students of the international school Jakarta Barat know their traits, ability, skill, or every personal point, they are bound to work and live the best. They know how to communicate, make a healthy relationship, resilience, and building servant leadership based on their hearts.


Character building in school is considered rare in today’s world. When people are too focused on academic achievement, they forget about their values and traits. That is why Global Sevilla’s idea to implement the approach is pretty much a good point. It helps students learn about themselves, trait, and their character. Thus, they can maximize their study.  

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