Spoiler Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 319 Release Date and More

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Good day everyone! In this occasion we will be talking about the prediction and release date of chapter 319 of Star Spoiler Spirit Sword Sovereign Manhua. In case you haven’t read the previous chapter, please don’t worry because we will also provide chapter 318 recap in this article!

Recap of Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 318

In the previous chapter, after taking down all his opponents in Southern Sichuan, Yang Wudi, Li Qingdi and Cheng Tiangang called Jiang Bai 2 weeks after that. They asked him to visit Japan to meet a heir of Ise Clan. Li Qingdi informed him that the Ise Clan was the descendants of Lord Xufu who was a follower of Emperor Qin. And he also discovered some hints that could be taken as evidence that Emperor Qin was still alive. They requested Jiang Bai to obtain the ancestral notes from the heir of Ise Clan if he could not take the heir back to China. Cheng Tiangang stated that the notes were vital for China and for their operation to unlock the Lishan Mausoleum. They also told Jiang Bai to coax the heir’s daughter with his charm as the harem king!

Metropolitan System Manhua Synopsis

After winning a high-risk casino, Jing Bai wanted to run away with a lot of money. However, he was hit by a truck. His soul was transferred to a different Earth-like world instead of dying and going to the afterlife. Not poor enough, he reunited with his pitiless, alternative self. First, the mad God approached him and gave him a strong bug capability in this new world. Even in the weakest form of himself, the key question of this manhua is whether he will succeed in this new world, given that he has the ability to cheat in this world. 

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 319 Prediction and Spoiler

Most likely next chapter we will see what kind of man Jiang Bai will see in Japan. How beautiful is his daughter and can Jiang Bai seduced her?

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 319 Release Date

Metropolitan System Manhua is released on a regular basis and the latest chapter, chapter 318, was released on August 13, 2020. You can read Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 318 on manhua online reading sites. We predict that the next chapter will be released soon. If you are interested, you can read Metropolitan System Manhua on manhua hosting websites. Visit our website for more information about the updates!


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