Spoiler Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 611 Release Date and More

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How’s your day, guys? Today we’re going to discuss about chapter 611 of Apotheosis Manhua prediction and release date. Don’t worry, if you haven’t read the previous chapter, we’ll give you a chapter 610 recap too!

Recap of Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 610

In chapter 610, Luo Zheng was stricken with a curse from the ancient witch race, which made some little dark skulls followed and tried to bite him all the time. Lan Ran suggested him to utilize the power of the Main City, where rules of the heaven would disallow anyone to fight with each other. Luo Zheng concurred with her because that method could be effective because those little skulls should not be strong enough to oppose the rules of the heaven. 

Luo Zheng also revealed to them that he got an iron token from the top which could work as a key to open the hall of cause and effect, even though he had to pay with 5 million dream points. Liu Yu advised Luo Zheng to go there if he could, because it might gave him big rewards. And then they part ways where Luo Zheng would seek a way to obtain more dream points and unlocked the gate to the hall of cause and effect.

In the meantime, Luo Zheng’s wife Ning Yudie had just climbed into the upper realm. She wanted to meet Luo Zheng again after ascending to the upper realm, but then she noticed that upper realm was so unidentical with what she envisioned about this place before. 

Apotheosis Manhua Synopsis

The story revolves around Luo Zheng, the Lou Family ‘s former, young master. His sister was kidnapped by a powerful force after something happened to his father, leaving him to be bullied by others and being treated as nothing more than a punching bag for a pounding lesson. One day, Luo Zheng tried to burn his father’s ancient book, and mysteriously the gold parchment climbed upon his body. The enigmatic book he knew nothing of exposes a secret spiritual technique and gives him an overwhelming mystical power. The Luo Zheng was the most powerful weapon and magical treasure in the world. Luo Zheng then attempts to surmount all enemies and barriers to save his son, Luo Yan.

 Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 611 Prediction and Spoiler

Will Luo Zhen open the gate to the hall of cause and effect? What will he find there? And can Ning Yudie find a way to reunite with her husband?

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 611 Release Date


Apotheosis Manhua is released regularly, and the latest chapter was released on August 8, 2020. You can read Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 610 on your favorite manhua hosting website.  The next chapter would probably out sooner than you think. If you want to read Apotheosis Manhua, you can check on any manhua hosting websites online. Make sure to check our website for next update!

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