Spoiler The Last Human Manhua Chapter 257 Release Date and More

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Hello, readers! The Last Human manhua chapter 257 is coming this week. While we wait, let’s discuss some things like the recap of chapter 256 and later I’ll inform you when chapter 257 will come. Let’s go!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 256 Recap

Previously, Zuo Tian Cheng and Luo Lan were getting ready to fight Director Lin that been infected with the crimson virus. Zuo Tian Cheng realized when they fought that Director Lin was abnormally strong. Even with his power, which is now at level 3, Zuo Tian Cheng still fell into a disadvantage. Zuo Tian Chen began to believe the strength of Manager Lin is at level 4.This realization made Zuo Tian Cheng afraid a little, because a crimson demon can only infect people below its level. And if the crimson demon managed to infect Director Lin, then maybe that crimson demon was already at level 5 or at least almost level 5. When Zuo Tian Cheng finally succeeded in cutting one of Director Lin’s arm, he saw that Director Lin had to use the energy of an electric tower to heal himself. This action made Zuo Tian Cheng realized that Director Lin was not a level 4 infected. While he was absorbing the energy from the electric tower, suddenly, Director Lin started to ask Zuo Tian Chen to kill him. And with the help of Luo Lan, Zuo Tian Cheng fulfilled Director Lin’s request and kill him.

The Last Human Manhua Synopsis

Zuo Tianchen is the last human to live in a mutated city infested with zombies. Only when he’s sure he’s going to die, he finds his soul coming back to just ten years ago, just before that ill-fated day. He swears that this time around, he will protect the ones that are precious to him and reunite with his former lover. See his challenges in his mind for the next ten years, ready to live!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 257 Spoiler

Director Lin finally killed by Zuo Tian Cheng, but the problem still not over yet. Next, we will see what kind of information that Zuo Tian Chen got about comet C1521X. So if you want to know too, then don’t miss the next chapter!

The Last Human Manhua Chapter 257 Release Date


If you want to read The Last Human manhua chapter 257, you can read the chapter maybe next week. But, we also have good news! This week, this manhua has released chapter 256! Yes, it’s true. So, let’s go guys! You can read The Last Human manhua chapter 256 on any website out there. Stay tune on our website for other good news!

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